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Most people don’t know how much they could be saving on renewals by doing it right. I didn’t and I’m CEO of Renewal Diary.  I knew I had a lot of renewals. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping around. I didn’t know how much I was spending. I’d even forgotten about some of the renewals. Two Kindles with Freetime Unlimited subscriptions for kids acquired at Christmas were still renewing at $10 per month long after the Kindles had cracked screens and fallen behind sofas.

But that is nothing in comparison to the savings that can easily be made by just turning up ready at renewal time.

Introductory offers

Most businesses operate on the basis of new business discounts i.e. introductory rates that lure new customers. They make these attractive with the certainty that a high proportion of these customers will not switch when the introductory offers end. These customers are called “sleepers”. It is especially common in super-low interest sectors like energy, insurance or broadband/phones. Nobody gets excited about shopping around for these things. Almost nobody.

Half the time people aren’t aware of what happened at the end of the introductory period. In energy, it is not uncommon to move back onto a standard tariff which can mean a 25% increase in prices. For mobile phones bought as part of a plan it can mean that the phone is paid for many times over when the bill just keeps on going at the rate that included paying for the phone. Some providers (typically with low market share so everything to gain) make it clear how much you are paying for the phone versus the phone service (minutes/text/data).e.g Virgin so you don’t keep paying the premium build in after your contract starts renewing month to month. 

Phone contracts can have an effective APR of 48% on the price of the phone that you just keep paying for as long as you stay with that provider on that plan. At least get onto a discounted rate at the first opportunity – usually 18 or 24 months after signing up.

Most people are aware that insurance jumps up each year even if insurance costs are falling. There are a lot of reasons it might but the single best way to protect yourself against increases is to allow yourself time to shoparound. The “Game of Thrones” binge can wait. Do not renew just because you didn’t check around.

Where do you go?

So where should you go if you are shopping around for any type of renewal? There are thousands of categories of renewal gym membership, anti-virus software, Chihuahua insurance, razors, makeup etc. But no matter how niche you always have options. Don’t just renew from month to month for every trial you ever took out. You will end up impoverished in old age wondering what happened the fortune you could have accumulated compounding that money on investments.

If you are dealing with non-niche renewals like home or car insurance, energy, broadband or phones you have hundreds or thousands of sources you could check – comparison sites, brokers/retailers or direct with providers.

Nobody lives long enough to check all of these places by themselves. They make the process of getting a quote more difficult than it needs to be so that you don’t shop around too much.

Renewal Diary is here to help you find the best places to go at renewal time. We don’t check every place ourselves. We will show you places people are going at renewal time based on what they tell us. We ask people how many places they checked and where they decided to go. We present the top places people are going and constantly update that information based on what our users – you – are telling us in every category of renewal.

We do one more thing to make it even better: we ask businesses to make group offers. These are offers by partnered businesses who really like the idea of being validated by the crowd for the value they deliver. They know that if the offer is good enough they will get to the top of the leaderboard in that group and win even more business. It is a virtuous circle that we encourage.

If you would like to recommend any businesses who would make good partners let us know here.

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