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List on on Renewal Diary for free. Partner with us to make group offers and take-off with the crowd. 

Get to the top of the leaderboard to grow based on popularity with people who shop.

Why Partner?

Members of Renewal Diary can get say if they bought from you whether you partner or not so why partner? You avoid leaving it to chance that people find you and that you are competitive by being able to make offers you make to people at renewal time. Your offers get validated quickly by our members saying they went with you. This does not happen with normal advertising. 

Businesses who want to win market share based on the value deliver to their customers know the importance of word-of-mouth. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. All that matters is that people who shop around go with you. Their decision is not just based on price. It is based on what Renewal Diary members say about the service you offer.

Get Answers

Nobody likes losing customers at renewal time. How do you know how you stack up to the competition with people who shop around? How can you be sure what your customer acquisition costs will be in the future? Will you end up spending all your time managing your reputation online without it making a big contribution to your bottom line? If you put offers online and everyone sees them will that eat into your revenue with your existing customers? Are you going to have to fight other businesses to the death on price?

Partner with Renewal Diary to answer all of these questions and to quickly do something about it if you don’t like the answers.


Renewal Diary can get you in front of people at renewal time when they want to be sold to.

Your business can win a lot of market share without spending a fortune on advertising.

Word of mouth

Have your happy customers selling for you.

Find the niches that they are most successful with.

Don’t be destroyed by a bad reputation from a few disgruntled customers. Don’t fade out of people’s minds based on advertising spend by competitors when your happy customers are your secret weapon.

Why wait?

Don’t wait to see what the crowd does. Get ahead of the competition by putting offers together before people renew. Renewal Diary will work with you on your commercial terms or you can have certainty about your costs by working with our crowd based pricing model.




Grow Faster

Dozens of big and small companies have partnered with Renewal Diary since before we launched because they want to be in front of customers at renewal time and they believe their value will stand up in the market against anyone.

Grow far faster than the market based on having a reputation for being great to do business with.